At Vivid Vapes, we sell a great range of eliquids and advise our customers as best we can because we believe making the transition from smoking to vaping should be easier. We often see a lot of people come into our shop in Folkestone seeking further information and help on their various vaping questions. A common question we get asked is:

“What nicotine strength is best for my eLiquid?”

Now, before I start I’d like to warn anyone reading this that nicotine is an addictive substance and so it is our duty to ensure our customers have the right e-liquid strength when making the transition to vaping.

In this article, I will first provide an overview of Cigarette strengths and then outline the appropriate e-liquid strength that you might want to consider.


How much nicotine is in cigarettes?

We have come a long way since the 1950’s when smoking was advertised as a health product. After a large number of research efforts, it is now widely known that smoking traditional tobacco cigarettes increases the chance of getting cancer. Now, the cause of cancer isn’t down to the nicotine within the cigarette it is more linked to a large number of harmful toxins inside the tobacco cigarettes, including carbon monoxide, tar, ammonia to name a few. But as I mentioned above, Nicotine is the most addictive substance of a cigarette which can make it difficult to stop.

Now, on average there is about 12 mg of nicotine per cigarette and this does vary, depending on brand and strength, between 8 mg (mild) and 20 mg (extra strong). But I would say a majority of cigarettes sit within the 8 to 12 mg range.


What strength e-liquid do you need?

E-liquid bottles generally labelled with the amount of nicotine per 100ml of VG/PG e-liquid, for example, .03 means that roughly 3% nicotine within 100ml of PG/VG e-liquid. And therefore we sell e-liquids in their common strengths:


3mg nicotine e-liquid

This is generally the weakest level of nicotine strength e-liquid which has a higher VG composition so, therefore, thicker and more suitable for Sub Ohm vaping.


Who would vape 3mg e-liquid?

This level of e-liquid strength would be suitable for someone who believes they want to go cold turkey on smoking but perhaps would like a little smidgen of nicotine to see them on their way to 0 nicotine. Or this would be suitable for someone who only smokes during socialising down the pub or bar. A very common customer we see.


6mg nicotine e-liquid

This is probably the sweet spot we advise moderate smokers to start on. 6mg can come in both high VG (thicker e-liquid) or high PG (thinner e-liquid). As you increase the nicotine strength the flavour can become overpowered by the nicotine taste and so go higher up the nicotine strength table the flavour generally decreases, especially if you buy cheap e-liquid.


Who would vape 6mg e-liquid?

Someone who takes 2-3 cigarette breaks a day and smokes a few in the evening.


12mg nicotine e-liquid

e-liquid with .12 mg of nicotine is around the high-medium range and suitable for a heavy-ish smoker. This could be the start of their journey but we would always like to get these customers down to .06 at some point.


Who would vape 12mg e-liquid?

Someone who has over 5 cigarette breaks a day and on average smokes a 20 pack of cigarettes a day.


18mg nicotine e-liquid

This is the strongest e-liquid we sell and generally the strongest you will see on the European market.


Who would vape 18mg e-liquid?

A longtime heavy smoker who doesn’t want to stop but just wants a better alternative to smoking. Someone who easily smokes over a pack a day.


Not everyone is created equal

Just a final note, we are all different with different tolerances and reactions to substances we encounter. Nicotine may feel stronger via e-liquid vs. traditional cigarettes and so the effects will vary from person to person.


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