Many customers come into our vape shop in Folkestone and ask us for advice on what’s the best vape kit to begin their vaping journey.

Here are our top 5 tips for selecting the right kit when starting your journey into vaping:


1. Choose your nicotine strength wisely

The first thing to consider when choosing your first kit is the nicotine strength of liquid that you’ll be using to help combat your cravings, there are 2 distinct categories of vape kits:

  1. Mouth to lung kits are lower-powered devices with a restrictive airflow which mimics the inhaling of a cigarette and use a thinner liquid generally higher in nicotine, these are the devices aimed at helping to quit smoking.
  2. Direct to lung/ sub ohm kits are higher powered devices with a very open airflow and use a thicker liquid which is lower in nicotine, these type of devices are more aimed at people who aren’t frequent smokers or have already worked on reducing their nicotine intake.


2. Pre-filled pods vs. traditonal tank setup

When choosing the right device you can either start with a pre-filled pod system which comes with disposable pods that simply clip into the device and are exchanged when the liquid runs out, these devices are generally very easy to use, simply charge the device put your pod in and inhale to activate. These kits are limited to the flavour and nicotine selection of the particular manufacturer but are great for beginners as they need less maintenance.

The more traditional tank/ liquid setups usually offer a higher-powered vape and have much more widely available variety of flavours and nicotine strengths. With this type of device you will need to learn the setup and maintenance such as the menu system if it has one, filling, replacing coils, cleaning etc.


3. Built-in battery or internal battery

The battery life of your device can be an important factor in choosing the right kit that will suit your needs, as most starter kits have a built-in battery which eliminates the option of carrying a spare or two, you will need a device that has enough battery to last while your out and about, if you’re out or away from a charger for long periods of time a good battery life is important to make sure you can vape when the cravings hit.

4.Adjustable wattage or fixed wattage

Mouth-to-lung devices typically run at between 10-20 watts and some have a fixed wattage, some have a variety of coils and will self adjust the power depending on the coil and some allow the user to change the wattage or voltage themselves. If you find at certain times of the day, for example, first thing in the morning or maybe when you’re out with friends you get stronger cravings then an adjustable device might be more suitable so you can get the extra power when needed.

5. Choose a good known brand

Choosing a well known brand/ model of starter kit can help a lot for the availability of pre-filled pods and coils, if its a device from a well-established company you will find it much easier to find a replacement pod or coil if you’re caught short with an empty pod or a burned-out coil, as well as a better quality and more reliable device. We stock a wide range of coils in our online and Folkestone vape shop. 


So there you have it. 5 top tips for selection the best vape kit for your vaping journey. 


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