Imagine that awkward feeling when you are lost in the thought of how to vape big clouds, as your friends keep vaping bigger clouds, but all you could produce is a little as steam coming out of a cup of hot coffee. Imagine! You tend to wonder what has gone wrong with your skills, right? Do not be disturbed!


The good news is that vaping bigger clouds is no rocket science, as it bores down to two major things, the techniques with which you vape and amount of vapour production. However, the following points below highlight and explain how to vape big clouds and help you produce massive clouds while enjoying your vaping.


Increase your power

Increasing the power of vaping is no hard thing to do. All you need do is to increase the power of the device you are using, which will help vaporize the e-liquid at a faster rate. This is in tandem with a report recently published that using a power device, coupled with a low resistant coil will increase vapour production significantly and consequently helps to vape bigger clouds.


Increasing the Air-Flow

The importance of airflow in vaping can never be overemphasized and most especially if you are trying to increase the of clouds produce. This is because using a low resistance coil or higher wattage to effect more clouds production increases the temperature of the vapour. Hence, airflow is paramount to cool down the whole process; it also enables you to vape quickly and helps in creating bigger clouds.

Similarly, increment in airflow on the atomizer enables more air to travel through the coils, and you know what that portends? It helps produce vapour at a much quicker pace, and vapour production increases. When all these happen, the vapour goes out of the device faster and bigger.


The Right E-Juice

No doubt, the types of e-juice you use too, affect significantly, the size of the cloud you produce. It’s simple arithmetic here! E-juice generally is made up of two components, the VG and PG. VG is responsible for vapour production while PG, on the other hand, provides vapour and throat hit. Usually, e-juice is a perfect mixture of the two. but if truly you want to vape bigger clouds, you can as well decide if you are willing to sacrifice the vapour and the throat hit component of your experience and opt for VG 100% in your e-juice.


Inhaling and Exhaling Techniques

Producing bigger clouds do not only bore down to the device and its components but rather, the techniques with which you vape is crucial to producing bigger clouds. Your techniques have got a lot to put on the table here too. The following are six basic ways you can inhale and exhale to help to achieve bigger clouds.

•   Try to empty your lungs by exhaling

•   Go ahead by leaning forward and then, exhale to get off the excess air in the lungs

•   Blow the remaining air into your device and let the vapour escape the air vents without inhaling.

•   Inhale well and hard as you can. While doing this, try straightening your back upwards to give room for more and more vapour to enter your open lungs.

•   While pushing your jaw out a bit, exhale at a very steady pace without rushing. This allows vapour to escape quickly.

•   Lastly, before you lose out the remaining air, tighten up your lips and immediately after, shoot out that powerful vapour out to form a very attractive huge cloud you like.


Follow and practice these tips about how to vape big clouds but always remember, those folks who vape big clouds now start as amateurs too, and you are sure going to join their ranks too soon.

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