Quitting smoking is hard

 Let us start this blog by saying QUITTING SMOKING IS HARD. For some people smoking is simply a part of their normal day whether it’s the odd social smoke or routine check / daily fag break, it’s ingrained. But do you have the grit to quit? At Vivid Vapes we help customers quit smoking every day. Customers generally seek some advice on vaping as it has become a popular alternative to smoking.


What is grit?

Grit is a term which has got popular recently and I believe it’s partially driven by the book, Grit, written by Angela Duckworth. Grit is the sustained amount of effort towards a longterm goal. This book explores the biggest predictor of people’s success: talent or effort. She found that Talent x Effort = Skills and Skill x Effort = Achievement.  Put in the effort and you can achieve great things. 


Quitting statistics

Around 16% of people that set out to quit smoking do successfully. If you live in Yorkshire, Humber, Windsor or Maidenhead the odds are even better for some strange reason (must be something in the water).


Start with the WHY

Every day we get new customers to come into our vape shop in Folkestone and ask for vaping advice. Vaping is proving to be an effective way to quit smoking. But it does depend on a few things:

  • Are you mentally ready to quit smoking?
  • Do you have a strong enough reason to quit smoking?
  • Do you know the negative effects of smoking on your body?

These questions are important as it helps you to build that reasoning. Convincing the mind that smoking is no longer an option. To avoid being defeated again by that stick of tar and nicotine you need to START WITH THE WHY.


Do you have the grit to quit?

QUITTING SMOKING IS HARD. But if you start with the WHY and your WHY is deep enough then you will have enough grit to dig deep when those temptations arise.


5 Tips to stop smoking


1. Find your WHY

WHY do you want to quit smoking? Have you recently had a new addition to the family and want to set an example or increase your chances of living longer for your child? 

Is it affordable? Imagine saving the amount you spend on cigarettes per year!

What is the greater purpose of your goal

2. Get a good vape kit

Many customers we see in our vape store have started vaping some time in the past but then go back to smoking. We regularly hear it’s because they couldn’t get on with the vape kit – it leaked, it was too strong, it broke, etc. Generally starting with the right vape device makes a huge difference to your quitting psyche. The stars align.


3. Don’t buy cheap £1 e-liquid for your good vape device

Many customers we serve complain that their coil burns quick or the flavour is mute or their throat hurts. Many of these symptoms are due to them buying cheap e-liquid. They are cheap for a reason. Manufacturers can save costs using cheap nicotine, cheap flavouring, cheap vegetable glycerin or cheap propylene glycol. Buying decent e-juice is the key to quitting smoking.

4. Stop hanging around smokers for a little while

Remove yourself from your smoker friends for a while. How long is up to you!


5. Avoid social settings where you are normally tempted to smoke

If you’re thinking of Going “out-out” tonight? Think again. If you’re a social smoker try to avoid going out for 2-4 weeks. Reset your psyche.


We hope you found this article helpful. In this article, we discussed that can help you to stop smoking. Vaping is a good alternative to smoking if the patches haven’t worked or you don’t want to go on nicotine patches.

If you would like some advice on the best vape kit for you, visit our Folkestone vape shop today so we can help you succeed in quitting smoking.

If you ever need advice or a new vape device come visit our Folkestone Vape Shop when you a visiting the town or check out our online vape shop

We love to give advice on vaping any day of the week.


See you soon 🙂