Every day, we get asked many questions about vaping. Here is a page answering some of the most common questions about vaping. 

Is vaping safer than smoking?

With the recent news about “vaping deaths”  in the USA, we hear this question a lot. First of all, let’s start with the current estimates of premature deaths related to smoking is 7 million people worldwide. That’s nearly 600 thousand a year. 

Frequently Asked Vaping Questions

Who smokes more, men or women?

According to recent studies, 1 woman smokes for every 6 men.

Can vaping cause popcorn lung?

Although no cases of popcorn lung have been directly linked to vaping, a chemical which has been known to cause popcorn lung, diacetyl, was found in some eliquid flavourings. This has since been banned in all eliquid in the UK since 2016.

Which vaping is dangerous?

Vaping is not dangerous on its own, however, cheap eliquids may use cheaper flavourings and nicotine which may have negative effects on your vaping experience.

Can vaping make you tired?

No studies have shown clear evidence linking vaping and tiredness.

Can vaping cause COPD?

Vaping has not been known to cause Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (‘COPD’), however if you already suffer from it it would not be recommended to vape.

Can vaping cause anxiety?

Nicotine is a stimulant and people who already suffer from anxiety may notice a change in the way they feel which can be a trigger to the underlying condition.

Can vaping kill you?

Although there have been cases of vape-related deaths in the USA. There is lack of evidence that vaping safe and regulated products can kill. At the moment there has not been any cases in the UK relating vaping to a direct cause of death.

Where is vaping allowed?

In the UK, although it is not illegal to vape indoors in public places, most places which prohibit smoking also prohibit vaping.

Where is vaping legal?

Vaping is legal in many countries including UK, USA (most states) and majority countries in Europe.

Which vaping products are safe?

In the UK, eliquids are regulated by the MHRA under the Tobacco Product Directive (TPD). These products are held to a high standard through sampling and testing. Cheaper products that you may find in the pound shop should be studied carefully as the quality of the products can be comprimised.

Can vaping cause headaches?

you may experience headaches while vaping, which can be caused by having too much nicotine in your system, if this is the case using a lower nicotine liquid should help. some people also have a sensitivity to propylene glycol, which is more present in high nicotine liquids, which could also cause headaches.

Are vaping deaths linked to THC?

As we wrote, a recent blog about this, from what we know, the most likely cause of the illness is Vitamin E Acetate and black market THC eliquid.

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