5 Shortfill eLiquids You Need To Try

5 Shortfill eLiquids You Need To Try

Whether you like a straight fruity flavour, a nice dessert, something with a nice cool hit, or have a sweet tooth we have a great selection of eliquid covering all sizes (10ml, 50ml, 100ml)  in our vape shop in Folkestone to find what you’re looking for

Aisu Mango

The Aisu range from Zap Juice is based on a Japanese dessert of shaved ice and they really have a nice hit of colada which is what gives e liquids that icy feel. The Mango flavour has a nice ripe and juicy fruit taste which is very refreshing coupled with the colada, giving a great all-round taste if you like it cold.

IVG Apple Berry Crumble

IVG Desserts is a great range full of flavours of home-baked classics, Apple Berry Crumble has a perfect balance of fruity notes from the apple and berries and the smooth biscuity crumble, which go together perfectly giving you the taste of a freshly baked dessert.

Double Drip Fizzy Cherry Cola Bottles

A perfect one here for anybody with a sweet tooth, Double Drip have nailed the fizzy and sherbet style flavours and this one, in particular, has great fruity notes from the cherry cola and the fizziness will really take you back down memory lane to the old sweets.

Pacha Mama Strawberry, Fuji Apple and Nectarine

The Pacha Mama range from Charlie’s Chalk Dust is bursting with fruity flavours and all have a unique blend of different fruits that complement each other so well, just like a nice fruit salad should. The Strawberry, Fuji Apple and Nectarine, in particular, has a nice well rounded super fruity taste.

Riot Squad Bang Juice Kiwi Coalition

If you like a nice fruity flavour with a sour edge the sweet apple flavour mixed with the sour taste of kiwi and lime is the perfect blend that packs a sour punch without being too overpowering to the delicious fruits in this e-liquid.

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What’s in Your E-juice?

What’s in Your E-juice?

What is E-juice?

There are so many articles going around these days about vaping and “negative” comments about vaping. So lets clear up the confusion.


What is in E-juice?

Depending on if you have a juice containing nicotine or not you will have 3 or 4 ingredients:

  1. PG (propylene glycol)
  2. VG (vegetable glycerin)
  3. Flavouring (food grade flavourings)
  4. Nicotine (dependant on if it is nicotine-containing juice)


Let’s break them down :



Propylene Glycol is found in thousands of products including food and asthma inhalers, PG is normally the ingredient that flavourings and nicotine are suspended in for e-juice.



Vegetable Glycerin is clear odourless liquid produced from several different plants and is used daily not just in e-juice but also your food, makeup and used as a replacement for alcohol in herbal products.



The food flavourings added to the mixture to create the flavours you vape are the same as the everyday flavourings that are added to foods you buy in the shop or supermarket. They are suspended in PG or VG when added to the E-liquid.



The type used in e-juice is a liquid form of nicotine suspended in PG or VG and added in various amounts to get the desired nicotine strength. As we all know nicotine is an addictive substance as it stimulates the central nervous system and raises blood pressure, respiration, and heart rate. Note; if you have an e-juice that does not contain nicotine this part would not apply to you.


So that’s what is in the e-juice you vape. But for your safety, these are not just mixed and put on the shelf. Due to the TPD regulations that came in to force back on the 20th of May the e-liquid is mixed in an ios clean room and any juice containing nicotine has to be registered with the MHRA and tested by them to check for immissions and that no harmful ingredients are being used.


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How to Vape Big Clouds

How to Vape Big Clouds

Imagine that awkward feeling when you are lost in the thought of how to vape big clouds, as your friends keep vaping bigger clouds, but all you could produce is a little as steam coming out of a cup of hot coffee. Imagine! You tend to wonder what has gone wrong with your skills, right? Do not be disturbed!


The good news is that vaping bigger clouds is no rocket science, as it bores down to two major things, the techniques with which you vape and amount of vapour production. However, the following points below highlight and explain how to vape big clouds and help you produce massive clouds while enjoying your vaping.


Increase your power

Increasing the power of vaping is no hard thing to do. All you need do is to increase the power of the device you are using, which will help vaporize the e-liquid at a faster rate. This is in tandem with a report recently published that using a power device, coupled with a low resistant coil will increase vapour production significantly and consequently helps to vape bigger clouds.


Increasing the Air-Flow

The importance of airflow in vaping can never be overemphasized and most especially if you are trying to increase the of clouds produce. This is because using a low resistance coil or higher wattage to effect more clouds production increases the temperature of the vapour. Hence, airflow is paramount to cool down the whole process; it also enables you to vape quickly and helps in creating bigger clouds.

Similarly, increment in airflow on the atomizer enables more air to travel through the coils, and you know what that portends? It helps produce vapour at a much quicker pace, and vapour production increases. When all these happen, the vapour goes out of the device faster and bigger.


The Right E-Juice

No doubt, the types of e-juice you use too, affect significantly, the size of the cloud you produce. It’s simple arithmetic here! E-juice generally is made up of two components, the VG and PG. VG is responsible for vapour production while PG, on the other hand, provides vapour and throat hit. Usually, e-juice is a perfect mixture of the two. but if truly you want to vape bigger clouds, you can as well decide if you are willing to sacrifice the vapour and the throat hit component of your experience and opt for VG 100% in your e-juice.


Inhaling and Exhaling Techniques

Producing bigger clouds do not only bore down to the device and its components but rather, the techniques with which you vape is crucial to producing bigger clouds. Your techniques have got a lot to put on the table here too. The following are six basic ways you can inhale and exhale to help to achieve bigger clouds.

•   Try to empty your lungs by exhaling

•   Go ahead by leaning forward and then, exhale to get off the excess air in the lungs

•   Blow the remaining air into your device and let the vapour escape the air vents without inhaling.

•   Inhale well and hard as you can. While doing this, try straightening your back upwards to give room for more and more vapour to enter your open lungs.

•   While pushing your jaw out a bit, exhale at a very steady pace without rushing. This allows vapour to escape quickly.

•   Lastly, before you lose out the remaining air, tighten up your lips and immediately after, shoot out that powerful vapour out to form a very attractive huge cloud you like.


Follow and practice these tips about how to vape big clouds but always remember, those folks who vape big clouds now start as amateurs too, and you are sure going to join their ranks too soon.

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Top Tips on Sub Ohm Vaping

Top Tips on Sub Ohm Vaping

The rate at which technological advancements are moving is no news again and have led to the growing interest of many in sub-ohm vaping. This vaping is a type of electronic smoking with a device that uses atomizer, with the help of resistance lower than an ohm.

This type of e-smoking is so popular now because of its great taste and huge clouds as compared to all other e-smoking. However, these benefits come with some hassle when trying sub-ohm vaping and that’s the reasons why you need the following tips to maximize your pleasant experience when sub-ohm vaping.


Regulated Mods

Using regulated mods is the best option for those who are just starting vaping. It is a box mod that enables safety when sub-ohm vaping. Mods are usually installed with many safety measures which prevent the possible electric shorts. Electric shorts destroy the battery, but regulated mods are no full-proof against hazards associated with a vaping device. As with all appliances, malfunctions could surface and so, it’s important you have a working mod and handling it with utmost care also, is crucial.


Battery Safety

Make sure you don’t push the mod’s battery to its limit if you do; there is a possibility the battery can leak some high explosive and dangerous chemicals. Make sure you always use batteries which can serve your sub-ohm vaping quite rightly. Rechargeable batteries of about 18650 mAh have been tested and trusted to be used safely for sub-ohm vaping. Similarly, regular battery check is crucial, endeavour to always note the condition of batteries your device is using, and another thing is, never carry batteries without protecting them. This is because if the batteries touch any metallic object, there could cause leakage and fire might set out.


Monitoring Resistance

To ensure some safety measures are out in place when sub-ohm vaping, you need to use the resistance with the utmost attention. The batteries need to be used with caution too, make sure you don’t exceed the battery’s amps. For proper battery maintenance, use this formula to note when you are crossing the red line:

Amps = Voltage / Resistance.

The formula is as simple as a walk in the park, all you need do is determine the voltage of the battery using a multimeter and the coil‘s resistance. Though, the coil’s resistance varies and so, always employ the given number, then add to or subtract from 0.2. That way, you will know when it is not safe again to go ahead with your sub-ohm vaping.


Always Check

One of the most crucial tips when sub-ohm vaping is to check your coil regularly. The reason is not far-fetched, coils tend to get defective at any time and so, if you check it now, don’t think it will continue to be safe forever, you may check it some days after and find out that it has already spoiled. Hence, always check the coils with the reader to ensure that they are 100% safe.

The same way you do with coils, check the batteries frequently too if you notice the device is getting warmer, the coil may have stopped working in there and extracting the fluid from the battery. This may cause serious havoc but if all these are taken into consideration when sub-ohm vaping, you are sure to enjoy your quest of chasing the clouds.

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Best Vape Starter Kit UK

Best Vape Starter Kit UK


One of the best-known designers of Mouth-to-lung Vapers is Innokin. There are many mouth-to-lung in the market, but Innokin EZ Watt kit is their latest. Complemented by the Prism T20S tank, EZ Watt kit is a small box mod that came with few settings for easy control. You may not understand the Prism-family if you are new in this, but professionals can relate to this. EZ Watt also works with Slipstream tank, but it is not included in the kit.


Unboxing the Innokin EZ Watt

EZ Watt kit came in the usual Innokin packaging. While it is covered with white paper in the front, every information concerning EZ Watt kit is on the back. Designed and finished with rubber, it comes with two different top caps/drip tips. With the top cap pre-installed with a 510-drip tip, you can use any 510 that suits you the best. Also, the top cap is a complete part with a drip tip, and it comes in the shape of a cone.
EZ Watt is a small device that you can carry around easily. It has just two buttons, and it has no screen. It came with three different watts (white for 30 or 35 W, blue for 16 or 18 W, and Green for 13 or 14 W). These three watts are used to lit up chevrons, which are located closer to the switch.


Two-button navigations

This key is easy to use as it comes with just a few options to set up its wattage. This ease of use may be an advantage for new users, but it is a disadvantage for professional vapers. These two buttons make it easy for you to select your preferred power option from six different power options. Once you press the “select button”, the colour either become brighter or normal (14 W bright and 13 W dull). Now, you have to press both the power and select button together to choose between the larger settings.



EZ Watt Performance

After trying the 0.8-Ohm coil to handle 30W, I found out that it can work well without problem. Although this is not recommended for a longer period so as not to decrease the coil’s lifespan. 18W is the best wattage I’ve used with the 0.8-Ohm coil.
Also, the best you can use for the 1.5-Ohm coil is 13-14 W. However, you can use it with 16 W without a problem. This is because Innokin never overrates their coils. You will get more flavours at 16 W than when using it at lower settings. This coil also works well with higher viscosity liquids.
EZ Watt came with a 1500 mAh battery, and it can last for the whole day. Charge it at night and vape throughout the day.



• Portable
• Easy to use
• Looks good
• Easy to clean
• Perfect airflow
• Coils last forever
• Good build quality
• Comes in different colours
• Comes with two different drip tips
• Designed and finished with a rubber



• Non-adjustable airflow
• Does not come with slipstream
• Older Prism coils cannot work with it
• You could get a brighter battery life indicator
• You cannot replace the coil with the liquid present in the tank


Verdict on EZ Watt Review

EZ Watt is a perfect vaping kit you can use. It is very easy to use, and it is designed with a good-looking MTL tank placed on it. You can easily navigate through its power options. It is a fool-proof device. You can place any blend in the tank without dry hits or wicking issues. The EZ Watt kit is a good vaping device designed by Innokin. It is best for beginners who want to start vaping and professional vapers who will want to get a device to set up easily always.

Get your Innokin EZ Watt today. Delivered directly to your door 🙂

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EZ Watt Review Video

CBD Vape Juice Effects

CBD Vape Juice Effects

Vaping CBD is better than taking topicals or edible capsules for consumption. This is because the inhalation circulates throughout the body easily, and it provides better bioavailability. This way, users will be able to take in more of the drug. Although they are both effective, it is much safer to consume than smoke. You can also take it orally (you don’t need to become a smoker or vaper to use CBD).

For new vapers who are just entering into the group, they won’t know what to expect from their first vape session. There are not so many side effects of this vape juice. First, all vapers should know that smoking vape juice will not make them feel hazy. This is because CBD does not affect or inhibit your ability to perform your daily work. It will not prevent you from going about your day. You will never get impaired but be clear-focused and focused. Smoking CBD vape juice is a simple way to get relieved from stress throughout the body. This is just like inhaling normal, plant-derived version of Advil.

Effects of Vaping CBD Vape Juice

CBD Vape Juice comes with several physical effects that you must be aware of before taking it. Below are some of its effects on the user:

  • CBD reduces inflammation and pain.
  • CBD helps to treat chronic pain because it provides long-lasting relief that addresses both the cause of that pain (that is inflammation) and the symptom of pain.
  • CBD does this because it has analgesic properties that are exactly like the pharmaceutical painkillers. However, it does not lead to addiction.

The use of CBD Vape Juice for inflammation is very important because most illnesses are embedded in the inflammation from type II diabetes, Crohn’s Disease, eczema to Alzheimer’s. Getting rid of the underlying inflammation will help to alleviate the short term pain and prevent its long term severity. You are sure to get lasting pain relief when you vape CBD.

Without creating impairment, vaping CBD can impact on our mental and emotional states positively. Several scientists have shown that CBD can help to reduce stress levels and anxiety feelings in both animals and humans. A study by NCBI states that people pretreated with CBD have no cognitive impairment, have reduced anxiety, and no awkwardness in their speech performance. CBD helps to get rid of acute and chronic anxiety.

Vaping CBD also lessens the severity and frequency of events or happenings such as panic attacks. Higher vaping of CBD can induce drowsiness or sleepiness and thereby providing relief from disorders such as insomnia. Vaping CBD in smaller doses can promote alertness (from a study carried out on rats). Since insomnia is often as a result of trauma, anxiety, or stress, it is better to use the soothing or comforting power of CBD to make you fall asleep. Most CBD users are so in love with the “soothing” sensation they get after vaping CBD Vape Juice. They feel relaxed in their body and mind. They also get induce feelings of peace, calm, and well-being. Lastly, CBD can help to relieve or reduce PTSD-related symptoms.


If you’re looking for CBD vape juice come and visit our Folkestone vape shop and we’ll help 🙂