Smoking vs Vaping – Which Is The Better Option?

Smoking vs Vaping – Which Is The Better Option?

If you are a smoker, then you might be facing this dilemma of deciding whether to make the transition over to vaping. It’s a common question we get from our customers and one we like to provide as much information on as possible. Here’s a comparative study of both these activities so that you can make an informed choice.


Smoking vs Vaping – The Facts

Smoking has been around for hundreds of years in some form or the other. In ancient times, tobacco and cannabis were smoked all over America. This trend is still prevalent and people are just not being able to get over their addiction to smoking. The public health department in various countries has been trying to make people aware of the harmful effects of smoking through campaigns. However, this has not brought about much change.

Vaping is a fairly recent development which has been around for about a decade. Until recently, vaping has not been promoted much among the public which is why many people are unaware of the benefits of vaping. However, there are many studies which have been initiated to find out more about the benefits of vaping as well as its safety level compared to cigarette smoking. It has gained popularity in the US and UK as a substitute for tobacco smoking but has a long way to go. Almost 52% of smokers and non-smokers have tried vaping. Everybody knows about the smoking impact on health – it leads to various health issues and causes irreparable damage to the body. In such a case, vaping is definitely an alternative. However, is it a better or worse option is the question.


Chemicals Involved in Smoking and Vaping

The reason why normal cigarettes are known as cancer sticks is that of the high amount of carcinogens which are released during the combustion of tobacco. More than twenty chemicals which are included in the process of combustion have a direct relation to cancer. Some of these include nicotine, lead, arsenic, formaldehyde, hydrogen cyanide, arsenic and carbon monoxide. These elements not only lead to cancer but various heart problems and respiratory problems as well. They increase the toxicity of the blood and reduce the lifespan.
The main point of difference between vaping and smoking is that it completely eliminates the process of combustion. So the dangerous chemicals which are released during combustion are completely done away with. The vapour which is produced contains chemicals which cause very little harm to the body. Vaping makes use of e-liquid or e-juice which mainly consists of propylene glycol and vegetable glycerol. There are e-liquids which are nicotine-based as well as nicotine-free. The ingredients which are used for flavouring the e-liquids are safe for human consumption and meet the food grade. However, the long-term effects of these elements are not known as yet but they are generally 95% less harmful than chemicals involved in smoking.


Health and Safety Levels of Smoking vs Vaping

As mentioned earlier, smoking can be pretty fatal for human health in the long run. It fills up the lungs with dangerous chemicals which block the respiratory tract and cause breathing problems. The constant exposure to carbon-based chemicals causes blood poisoning and leads to cancer and heart problems. There are safety concerns about smoking as well. Many fires have broken out as a result of smoking. A burning cigarette can cause a lot of property damage if left unattended.
In the case of vaping, the health risks are believed to be significantly less. However, it is meant for non-smokers who want to quit smoking. Non-smokers are generally advised to avoid vaping in order to maintain high health standards but for those who just want a social vape 0 nicotine is the way to go! There are some safety concerns associated with vaping too: The biggest concern is the explosion of batteries. If a compatible battery is not inserted or if the battery is not charged in the correct way, it can explode and cause burns. There have been a few cases of batteries exploding due to overcharging or because of the use of sub-standard batteries. The explosions have not caused serious injuries so far. However, in today’s times, the battery size is going on increasing. The chances of the explosion causing a lot of damage are greater now. Please check out our battery safety article for more information on keeping safe while vaping.


Cost of Smoking vs Vaping

A pack of 20 tobacco cigarettes costs around £9.7 in the UK. It can be assumed that at least 5 packs of cigarettes are used by a smoker in a week. According to that, the cost of smoking every week comes to £48.5 and £2,522 every year. A chain smoker requires a pack a day which increases the cost to £3530. This does not include the costs of treatment for various health issues associated with smoking or the high insurance premiums that need to be paid by smokers.
In the case of vaping, the expenses include the cost of the starter kit which is available for about £37. After that, a vaper needs to buy e-liquid every week which costs around £11 in case a person vapes a lot. This means that the yearly expense should come to around £572. This illustrates that vaping can be a substantially lower cost vs smoking. Of course, getting the latest kit and cool vape accessories can add up for those who get on the vape bus.


Final Verdict: Smoking or Vaping?

“The risk is negligible and compared with smoking, there is no contest.”
– Prof R West
Director of Tobacco Studies, Department of Epidemiology and Public Health, University College London

Medical studies have repeatedly claimed that vaping is a much safer option than smoking and it can help in quitting smoking. E-cigarettes do not contain harmful constituents which cause internal damage to the users. There are multiple benefits of vaping:- It can help in getting rid of nicotine addiction gradually and completely.

– It is not hazardous in any way. The only thing to be kept in mind is the proper handling of the battery.
– It is much safer than tobacco cigarettes.
– It can help in preventing a lot of health issues.

Compared to the significant and fatal smoking impact on health, vaping is a much safer and less expensive option. Even though the long-term effects are unknown, it is the best alternative to smoking at present. If you have not made the switch to vaping as yet, do so immediately and do yourself a big favour.

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What Nicotine Strength Is Best For My eLiquid?

What Nicotine Strength Is Best For My eLiquid?

At Vivid Vapes, we sell a great range of eliquids and advise our customers as best we can because we believe making the transition from smoking to vaping should be easier. We often see a lot of people come into our shop in Folkestone seeking further information and help on their various vaping questions. A common question we get asked is:

“What nicotine strength is best for my eLiquid?”

Now, before I start I’d like to warn anyone reading this that nicotine is an addictive substance and so it is our duty to ensure our customers have the right e-liquid strength when making the transition to vaping.

In this article, I will first provide an overview of Cigarette strengths and then outline the appropriate e-liquid strength that you might want to consider.


How much nicotine is in cigarettes?

We have come a long way since the 1950’s when smoking was advertised as a health product. After a large number of research efforts, it is now widely known that smoking traditional tobacco cigarettes increases the chance of getting cancer. Now, the cause of cancer isn’t down to the nicotine within the cigarette it is more linked to a large number of harmful toxins inside the tobacco cigarettes, including carbon monoxide, tar, ammonia to name a few. But as I mentioned above, Nicotine is the most addictive substance of a cigarette which can make it difficult to stop.

Now, on average there is about 12 mg of nicotine per cigarette and this does vary, depending on brand and strength, between 8 mg (mild) and 20 mg (extra strong). But I would say a majority of cigarettes sit within the 8 to 12 mg range.


What strength e-liquid do you need?

E-liquid bottles generally labelled with the amount of nicotine per 100ml of VG/PG e-liquid, for example, .03 means that roughly 3% nicotine within 100ml of PG/VG e-liquid. And therefore we sell e-liquids in their common strengths:


3mg nicotine e-liquid

This is generally the weakest level of nicotine strength e-liquid which has a higher VG composition so, therefore, thicker and more suitable for Sub Ohm vaping.


Who would vape 3mg e-liquid?

This level of e-liquid strength would be suitable for someone who believes they want to go cold turkey on smoking but perhaps would like a little smidgen of nicotine to see them on their way to 0 nicotine. Or this would be suitable for someone who only smokes during socialising down the pub or bar. A very common customer we see.


6mg nicotine e-liquid

This is probably the sweet spot we advise moderate smokers to start on. 6mg can come in both high VG (thicker e-liquid) or high PG (thinner e-liquid). As you increase the nicotine strength the flavour can become overpowered by the nicotine taste and so go higher up the nicotine strength table the flavour generally decreases, especially if you buy cheap e-liquid.


Who would vape 6mg e-liquid?

Someone who takes 2-3 cigarette breaks a day and smokes a few in the evening.


12mg nicotine e-liquid

e-liquid with .12 mg of nicotine is around the high-medium range and suitable for a heavy-ish smoker. This could be the start of their journey but we would always like to get these customers down to .06 at some point.


Who would vape 12mg e-liquid?

Someone who has over 5 cigarette breaks a day and on average smokes a 20 pack of cigarettes a day.


18mg nicotine e-liquid

This is the strongest e-liquid we sell and generally the strongest you will see on the European market.


Who would vape 18mg e-liquid?

A longtime heavy smoker who doesn’t want to stop but just wants a better alternative to smoking. Someone who easily smokes over a pack a day.


Not everyone is created equal

Just a final note, we are all different with different tolerances and reactions to substances we encounter. Nicotine may feel stronger via e-liquid vs. traditional cigarettes and so the effects will vary from person to person.


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What’s The Best Wattage For My Vape?

What’s The Best Wattage For My Vape?

So today I am going to discuss wattage and voltage, what power you should use and why.

I get this question on a daily basis in our Folkestone shop and I always try to follow a few simple rules when it comes to choosing a wattage or voltage.


What wattage should I use for my Vape Tank?

This is definitely the easiest to decide, most if not all coils nowadays come with a recommended wattage stamped on the box or side of the coil. Now, like I said this is recommended, so you can go below or above but you may not get the best performance from the coil or it may burn out a lot faster.


What wattage should I use for my Re-buildable (RDA/RTA)?

Now, this is where things can get a little more interesting, but it’s pretty easy to figure out… why? Well, it’s because there is no best wattage for any build or ohms.

If you are vaping mouth to lung and use a re-buildable RTA or RDA, generally we vape around 10-20 Watts this is because the ohms of your coil does not need as much power to give you a vape that you might be looking for.

If you are vaping a Sub Ohm setup whether it’s an RTA or RDA it becomes a lot broader of a choice. Most people just slowly work the wattage up to the ‘Sweet Spot’ which is where the vape is just right ‘For You’ and this is the important part! There is no right or wrong wattage or voltage, it is a choice and a decision made to best fit the vape you like. Whether that is a hard-hitting and hot vape or a mellow and cool vape. You may even find that some E-liquids you vape require different wattages to get the right taste out of it.

The important thing to remember is with vaping it’s a world customised by you, to your tastes, to your needs and no one can tell you that’s wrong. Whether you vape as a hobbyist or because you need vaping to keep you off traditional cigarettes. You’re in control. Enjoy what you are doing try different coils at different wattages/voltages see how they perform, try different juices and see whether you can get a flavour note that you didn’t notice before and just have fun doing it!

Remember Vaping is a lifestyle. You’re in control.

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The Grit to Quit Smoking?

The Grit to Quit Smoking?

Quitting smoking is hard

 Let us start this blog by saying QUITTING SMOKING IS HARD. For some people smoking is simply a part of their normal day whether it’s the odd social smoke or routine check / daily fag break, it’s ingrained. But do you have the grit to quit? At Vivid Vapes we help customers quit smoking every day. Customers generally seek some advice on vaping as it has become a popular alternative to smoking.


What is grit?

Grit is a term which has got popular recently and I believe it’s partially driven by the book, Grit, written by Angela Duckworth. Grit is the sustained amount of effort towards a longterm goal. This book explores the biggest predictor of people’s success: talent or effort. She found that Talent x Effort = Skills and Skill x Effort = Achievement.  Put in the effort and you can achieve great things. 


Quitting statistics

Around 16% of people that set out to quit smoking do successfully. If you live in Yorkshire, Humber, Windsor or Maidenhead the odds are even better for some strange reason (must be something in the water).


Start with the WHY

Every day we get new customers to come into our vape shop in Folkestone and ask for vaping advice. Vaping is proving to be an effective way to quit smoking. But it does depend on a few things:

  • Are you mentally ready to quit smoking?
  • Do you have a strong enough reason to quit smoking?
  • Do you know the negative effects of smoking on your body?

These questions are important as it helps you to build that reasoning. Convincing the mind that smoking is no longer an option. To avoid being defeated again by that stick of tar and nicotine you need to START WITH THE WHY.


Do you have the grit to quit?

QUITTING SMOKING IS HARD. But if you start with the WHY and your WHY is deep enough then you will have enough grit to dig deep when those temptations arise.


5 Tips to stop smoking


1. Find your WHY

WHY do you want to quit smoking? Have you recently had a new addition to the family and want to set an example or increase your chances of living longer for your child? 

Is it affordable? Imagine saving the amount you spend on cigarettes per year!

What is the greater purpose of your goal

2. Get a good vape kit

Many customers we see in our vape store have started vaping some time in the past but then go back to smoking. We regularly hear it’s because they couldn’t get on with the vape kit – it leaked, it was too strong, it broke, etc. Generally starting with the right vape device makes a huge difference to your quitting psyche. The stars align.


3. Don’t buy cheap £1 e-liquid for your good vape device

Many customers we serve complain that their coil burns quick or the flavour is mute or their throat hurts. Many of these symptoms are due to them buying cheap e-liquid. They are cheap for a reason. Manufacturers can save costs using cheap nicotine, cheap flavouring, cheap vegetable glycerin or cheap propylene glycol. Buying decent e-juice is the key to quitting smoking.

4. Stop hanging around smokers for a little while

Remove yourself from your smoker friends for a while. How long is up to you!


5. Avoid social settings where you are normally tempted to smoke

If you’re thinking of Going “out-out” tonight? Think again. If you’re a social smoker try to avoid going out for 2-4 weeks. Reset your psyche.


We hope you found this article helpful. In this article, we discussed that can help you to stop smoking. Vaping is a good alternative to smoking if the patches haven’t worked or you don’t want to go on nicotine patches.

If you would like some advice on the best vape kit for you, visit our Folkestone vape shop today so we can help you succeed in quitting smoking.

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Top 5 Tips For Selecting The Best Vape Kit

Top 5 Tips For Selecting The Best Vape Kit

Many customers come into our vape shop in Folkestone and ask us for advice on what’s the best vape kit to begin their vaping journey.

Here are our top 5 tips for selecting the right kit when starting your journey into vaping:


1. Choose your nicotine strength wisely

The first thing to consider when choosing your first kit is the nicotine strength of liquid that you’ll be using to help combat your cravings, there are 2 distinct categories of vape kits:

  1. Mouth to lung kits are lower-powered devices with a restrictive airflow which mimics the inhaling of a cigarette and use a thinner liquid generally higher in nicotine, these are the devices aimed at helping to quit smoking.
  2. Direct to lung/ sub ohm kits are higher powered devices with a very open airflow and use a thicker liquid which is lower in nicotine, these type of devices are more aimed at people who aren’t frequent smokers or have already worked on reducing their nicotine intake.


2. Pre-filled pods vs. traditonal tank setup

When choosing the right device you can either start with a pre-filled pod system which comes with disposable pods that simply clip into the device and are exchanged when the liquid runs out, these devices are generally very easy to use, simply charge the device put your pod in and inhale to activate. These kits are limited to the flavour and nicotine selection of the particular manufacturer but are great for beginners as they need less maintenance.

The more traditional tank/ liquid setups usually offer a higher-powered vape and have much more widely available variety of flavours and nicotine strengths. With this type of device you will need to learn the setup and maintenance such as the menu system if it has one, filling, replacing coils, cleaning etc.


3. Built-in battery or internal battery

The battery life of your device can be an important factor in choosing the right kit that will suit your needs, as most starter kits have a built-in battery which eliminates the option of carrying a spare or two, you will need a device that has enough battery to last while your out and about, if you’re out or away from a charger for long periods of time a good battery life is important to make sure you can vape when the cravings hit.

4.Adjustable wattage or fixed wattage

Mouth-to-lung devices typically run at between 10-20 watts and some have a fixed wattage, some have a variety of coils and will self adjust the power depending on the coil and some allow the user to change the wattage or voltage themselves. If you find at certain times of the day, for example, first thing in the morning or maybe when you’re out with friends you get stronger cravings then an adjustable device might be more suitable so you can get the extra power when needed.

5. Choose a good known brand

Choosing a well known brand/ model of starter kit can help a lot for the availability of pre-filled pods and coils, if its a device from a well-established company you will find it much easier to find a replacement pod or coil if you’re caught short with an empty pod or a burned-out coil, as well as a better quality and more reliable device. We stock a wide range of coils in our online and Folkestone vape shop. 


So there you have it. 5 top tips for selection the best vape kit for your vaping journey. 


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Easy First Time Vaping Tricks

Easy First Time Vaping Tricks

What is vaping?

Vaping is simply the act of using a vape device or an electronic cigarette for inhaling the smoke-looking vapour. Vaping is used for smoking in a less harmful manner. The content in the vape is called a vape juice, and it is flavoured nicotine. In case a user needs a type of flavour or amount of nicotine, they can add according to their choice.


What is a vape?

A vape is a handheld electronic device that is designed to produce a type of vapour you can inhale. This is the best alternative for people who depend on nicotine and tobacco. With this device, a user can choose to control or step down the consumption of nicotine. This device uses a gum or a patch with a similar sensation.


How to do first-time vaping tricks

As a first time vaper, there are some tricks you need to understand and monitor. Once you get these tricks for beginners, you will soon become professionals. Below are some of the best vape tricks you need to know as a first-time vaper:


How to get coloured vape?

Did you know that it is possible to get a “colourful vapour” effect from a vape? You should have seen many people doing this in videos. This may not be a trick, but it is a simple way to add style to your smoking way.
How do you do this? People do perform this trick in post-production. They do this with digital editing special effects. Some vapers also include the Sense Arrow that has LED lights. This light is a way to boost the vape tricks visually.


How to perform a vape ghost inhale

This is otherwise known as the mushroom cloud (some also call it snap inhale). The ghost inhale is an easy vaping trick popularly performed by vapers. This trick involves the release of the ball of vapour and sipping it back into the vaper. You will only see the fun if you try it.
How do you do this? Draw into your mouth a mouthful of vapour and hold and linger it in your mouth for some time. Push the vapour around your mouth, roll it and gulp it back in quickly.


How to do a vape dragon?

This is another easy trick to try as a first time user. This simple trick can change you into an aggressive mythical beast. It can also make you blow out clouds of vapour out of your face!
How do you do this? To do this, you need to gulp a long drag from the vaper without inhaling it. After having a full pack of the thick vapour in your mouth, exhale forcefully through the sides of your mouth while allowing thick smoke coming out via your nose.


How to do a vape waterfall

This first-time trick is also very easy to do. It is a trick for those who want to resemble a magician dabbling with a magic potion. This trick turns the vapour in your mouth into a thick, almost sticky substance.
How do you do this? This is best performed with a bottle containing frozen water. Get some vapour in your mouth, blow it slowly into the bottle and pour the vapour out after a few seconds. The vapour will pour like a gentle waterfall.


How to make vape bubbles

This is another easy trick for first-timer into vape smoking. This trick will produce vapour trapped in a bubble. If you love to blow bubbles, you will enjoy this trick.

How do you do this? Get a small bottle (made of plastic) and cut its bottom. Get bubbles with soap in water and mix using a hand. Insert the head of the bottle into the soap solution and exhale the vapour slowly in it via the nozzle. This will produce a magical and mystic vape-filled bubble.


Watch some fantastic vape video tricks below