There are many ways you can get your latest vape news, reviews and updates. Online video is a perfect way to keep up to date. Here are 5 popular vape video channels you should probably be subscribing to:


1. RIP Trippers 

According to RIP Tripper, smoking is dead, vaping is the future. This guy is a vaping fanatic providing you e-cig reviews(mechanical mods, tanks, RDAs, etc…) and informative coil building tutorials for you more advanced vapers. 


2. Mike Vapes 

Mike Vapes is definitely vape famous. He has probably reviewed every vape kit out there (or at least every vape kit worth reviewing). His reviews are complete and well-informed. Definitely check him out!


3. Vaping Insider

Vaping Insider is a pro-channel you can find good summary reviews on vape mods, kits and tanks. Dueces Jack is a top guy and very knowledgable on all-things-vape.

4. Dash Vapes

This is a large retail outfit in Canada that posts some interesting videos on vape news and reviews. 


5. Grimm Green

Grimm Green is all about vaping since he started 8-10 years ago. He spreads the vape love by sharing great reviews, first impressions, tutorials, entertaining vape videos. His TuesdayBroTuesday program drops every Tuesday and his VLOG drops every Thursday, 


So there you have it, 5 vape channels you should be tuned into for 2019. This should make you a pro and keep you fully up to date with the latest vaping news, reviews and tips. 

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