Whether you like a straight fruity flavour, a nice dessert, something with a nice cool hit, or have a sweet tooth we have a great selection of eliquid covering all sizes (10ml, 50ml, 100ml)  in our vape shop in Folkestone to find what you’re looking for

Aisu Mango

The Aisu range from Zap Juice is based on a Japanese dessert of shaved ice and they really have a nice hit of colada which is what gives e liquids that icy feel. The Mango flavour has a nice ripe and juicy fruit taste which is very refreshing coupled with the colada, giving a great all-round taste if you like it cold.

IVG Apple Berry Crumble

IVG Desserts is a great range full of flavours of home-baked classics, Apple Berry Crumble has a perfect balance of fruity notes from the apple and berries and the smooth biscuity crumble, which go together perfectly giving you the taste of a freshly baked dessert.

Double Drip Fizzy Cherry Cola Bottles

A perfect one here for anybody with a sweet tooth, Double Drip have nailed the fizzy and sherbet style flavours and this one, in particular, has great fruity notes from the cherry cola and the fizziness will really take you back down memory lane to the old sweets.

Pacha Mama Strawberry, Fuji Apple and Nectarine

The Pacha Mama range from Charlie’s Chalk Dust is bursting with fruity flavours and all have a unique blend of different fruits that complement each other so well, just like a nice fruit salad should. The Strawberry, Fuji Apple and Nectarine, in particular, has a nice well rounded super fruity taste.

Riot Squad Bang Juice Kiwi Coalition

If you like a nice fruity flavour with a sour edge the sweet apple flavour mixed with the sour taste of kiwi and lime is the perfect blend that packs a sour punch without being too overpowering to the delicious fruits in this e-liquid.

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